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About Us

We are a group of investors. We provide a way to earn.

PaisaLife provides services to individuals, Marketers, start-up, home-based and small businesses to increase their popularity by advetising with us. PaisaLife offers various services, home-based works for the employed as well as unemployed people, house-wives, students to earn money without knowing any skills.


Advertise free with us and increase your business.

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“its really very amazing place to make money by investing a very little amount. If you have some free time you can definetely get a big return. ”

“Best options for the college students to increase their pocket money.”

“Interesting part time job.”

"Unbelelivable, I have invested in low band and now reinvested the earned money in high band and now i gets returns 4k to 5k  without any work, level completes automatically...wow.”

“I am not much educated but i can make money from home, no need to be educated. thanks for providing such a brillient way to earn. I started with investing only Rs. 10, my last month return was approx 7.5k”

Procedure to earn

Step 1: Join us free.
Step 2: Invest in one or more bands accourding to your capability.
Step 3: You can invest in low band ( Rs. 10 ) and can reinvest your earns in higher bands.
Step 4: Add two branches under you in ( Left ) and ( Right ). You will get atleast 50% of your investing money, higher returns in case of higher bands.
Step 5: Now your work ends here, you will get the returns as well as you completes the levels.
Step 6: Means as your branches ( Left and right ) grows and reaches the next level ( eg. Your left and right one will add branches in their left and right ).
Step 7: Here your second level completes and you will get the % return as per your selected band.
Step 8: Now if you want to add more branches by yourself will get double return of self level complete.

You can have more than one bands.
Each bands will be seperate from others.
Options to pay with any wallets/Net Banking/Cards.
You will get your return money in your wallets.
Redeem your returns. ( lots of option to redeem like bank transfer/ recherge/ buy products/ invest in others bands/ Win prizes etc... ).

Level Completing Rules:

Let say you have added in Band8
Your First level return : 58% , if you complete first level by adding on your both sides
*In case if you have already one added to any side and by adding a single your level completes, you have not added two... So it partially completes and you will get only 28%

Your Next level: It has three scenario
1. If you adds two ,one in left and one in right...Level completes...Will get 28%
2. If already a member added in any one side, and you adds one...Level completes ....Will get only 18%
3. If you don't add any side...You level complete...Will get 18%.

Amount to redeemed should be greater than or equal to Rs.20.
No other hidden rules.
Note: Partially level complete don't considered as fully completed level.

Investment Bands

High band high returns.

Band 1

Lowest band
Rs. 10
PaisaLife says: A perfect band to start with.
  • First level return: 51%
  • Next others level: 21%
  • Auto level complete: 11%

Band 2

Easy band
Rs. 20
PaisaLife says: A perfect band to start with.
  • First level return: 52%
  • Next others level: 22%
  • Auto level complete: 12%

Band 3

Easy band
Rs. 50
PaisaLife says: A perfect band to start with.
  • First level return: 53%
  • Next others level: 23%
  • Auto level complete: 13%

Band 4

Most preferable Band
Rs. 100
PaisaLife says: A perfect band to start with.
  • First level return: 54%
  • Next others level: 24%
  • Auto level complete: 14%

Band 5

Affordable band
Rs. 200
PaisaLife says: A most affordable band to invest.
  • First level return: 55%
  • Next others level: 25%
  • Auto level complete: 15%

Band 6

Dhamaka band
Rs. 500
PaisaLife says: A perfect band to start with.
  • First level return: 56%
  • Next others level: 26%
  • Auto level complete: 16%

Band 7

Cool band
Rs. 800
PaisaLife says: A perfect band to start with.
  • First level return: 57%
  • Next others level: 27%
  • Auto level complete: 17%

Band 8

Most preferable Band
Rs. 1000
PaisaLife says: Select if you wants more returns.
  • First level return: 58%
  • Next others level: 28%
  • Auto level complete: 18%